HALESOWEN residents blocked the entrance to land with their own cars after a padlock was removed by people with large vehicles in the night.

People living near Birdys Playing Fields, behind Pro-Fitness on Nimmings Road, were worried that travellers could be trying to access the site.

Halesowen North councillor Parmjit Sahota said he was called by around five concerned residents on the morning of Saturday (August 6) after the padlock on a gate was removed over night.

He said: "I was contacted by a number of residents that the council padlock had been broken and vehicles had come overnight to assess securing entry onto the Birdys Open Space.

"I contacted the council's on duty officer to report the matter needed urgent attention I emailed the councils CEO and relevant director.

"Some residents had parked their cars to block the entrance - so thanks to them.

"The barrier had been moved to the side to allow the council to again cut the grass again as the council had secured a permanent site in Coseley for traveller incursion.

"The concrete blocks were back in place by 5pm on Saturday thanks to prompt action by DMBC."

Councillorn Sahota said the action prevented any travellers from accessing the site.