Why Educated Juan?

Welcome to my site. So, let me explain the raison d’etre of this particular web domain.

Juan dela Cruz is the generic name of Filipinos, transcending social classes and educational attainment. I consider myself a Juan since I am but a speck of the ninety-something million people in our archipelago.

But being an ordinary citizen doesn’t mean my dreams and lifestyle ought to be ordinary. Having been out my family’s fold for the better part of my two decades of existence, I have been exposed to and have experienced a lot of what our world has to offer, from blissful moments to crazy antics.

The name is also partially inspired by my dear grandfather, whose name was Juan. He was an illiterate farmer who struggled against all odds to send his children to prestigious universities. He had foresight when the rest of his neighbors and relatives didn’t. He knew that education was the key to succeed. I am a part of his legacy, we grandchildren of his are now living in comfort, thanks to our stable families, due to the education our parents had.

I wish to impart my thoughts and travels to anyone interested.  I wish to share my agnostic ideas, my political opinions, my unconventional wisdom, and the like. I merely wish to have another purpose in life, and that is to educate other Juans, to infect them with my travel bug, and to open up their eyes to the fact that our world is not just black and white… there are also shades of gray.

This site, therefore, contains my ideas, travels, and reviews of anything under the sun, all to be meticulously categorized.

Using Juan doesn’t mean that I’m limiting myself to a Filipino audience. In my context, I refer to Juan as an anybody in this world. Besides, with today’s globalization we are no longer islands of thoughts and deeds.

It’s time to educate the people of our one single global village… Juan at a time.

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  1. your blog’s design is simple and clean and i like it. your blog posts are superb. please keep them coming. greets!!!

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