Spread Some Awesome

Spread Some Awesome
Spread some awesome..ness.. 😀

Spreadsomeawesome.com is the blog site of KC Canlas who is a self proclaimed foodie, travel junkie, newbie photog, and frustrated book author. Personally knowing the author, I could certainly attest to her success as a blogger.

The blog operates on the premise that everything is simply awesome and the author is trying to share to the world this awesomeness. Incidentally, the phrase itself is grammatically incorrect, and this was intended partly because “awesomeness” is a long and cumbersome word, and because awesome is a cooler name to the nth degree for use in the world wide web.

Spread Some Awesome
Site Preview (click to enlarge)

The site focuses on food and travel, all of which are of course done by the author. Plus, various useful tips are also given concerning what food to try and the what not’s of travelling. The website is really simple but jam packed with information that’s straight to the point: author bio on all pages, location-specific categories, other recommended sites, plus the ups and downs of each place the author has been to.

KC Canlas has established herself as an authority in the food and traveling blogging sphere, they actually invite her to try whatever they offer. This, and with various online jobs, has helped propel the success of both the blog and the blogger. An Industrial Engineer by education, KC is now a full time blogger, international traveler, and critique.

Spread Some Awesome
The Author: KC Canlas

In parting, as with its header phrase, the site pushes you to “set foot on the best places of the WORLD and start spreading some AWESOMENESS.”

To visit the Spread Some Awesome site, click here.

Spread Some Awesome also has an FB page, you could visit it here.

All Photos from the Spread Some Awesome site of KC Canlas.

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