Lakbayan Travel Quotient

It’s been up and running since 2007 and there are already tons of articles concerning it, but I’ll post about it anyway.

My Current Traveler Grade: B

If you’re interested in knowing your “standing” as a Filipino traveler, you could use the Lakbayan Traveler application created by a certain Eugene Villar. This neat little app calculates your travels based on the places you’ve been to and considering the factors on whether you live there or just passed through.

I took the test a few years back, and got a grade of “C+”. Now my current grade is B. I’ve still got a long way to go, as you can see on the map below (white areas not yet visited).

Do take note that this app is applicable only to the Philippines.

The places I’ve been to!

The app is currently stuck in beta mode and no improvements or additions have been done since 2007, but I haven’t encountered any problems with it anyway.

You can take the Lakbayan Traveler Test here.


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