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NOTE: This is a 2012 article, currently being updated for 2017. The website pertained in the article still exists but now caters to a narrower audience and sports a more professional look.

RM Nisperos
Party like a Rockstar m/,

RMnisperos.com is the blog site of RM Nisperos who, as defined by others, is a financial analyst, entrepreneur, sport enthusiast, amateur musician, self-proclaimed “God’s gift to women”, and currently a student of the Masters in Business Administration Program of the University of the Philippines Diliman. As my fraternity brother, my experiences with this blogger ranged from drunken craziness to serious political discussions (over beer, of course).

The site’s overall theme concerns on intellectual stuff coupled with a dose of rock star attitude. This complements with the attitude of the site’s author: with an above average intelligence but extremely opposite of a nerdy personality. RM has chosen his own name for the site’s title as his inspiration was from financial consultants and famous musicians who use their own names for their own respective sites.

RM Nisperos
Site Preview (click to enlarge)

The blog’s contents range from bar reviews to academic programs to financial topics. There are also articles with unconventional topics such as balancing your love life or a scientific analysis of drinking alcohol. The site has a simple layout with a color theme in line with a rockstar appearance. Articles could be easily accessed on the main page or via the top menu. On the side are widgets to assist on the publicity matters of the site, such as mailing list or visitor counter.

RMnisperos.com is still a new site in terms of months online and in number of articles, but it already has obtained a small readership base, thanks to the vast network of friends and acquaintances of the site’s author. While not a main priority in his busy schedule, the website remains a regular task to the daily and weekly to-do’s of RM Nisperos.

RM Nisperos
The Author: RM Nisperos

In closing, from the words of the heavy drinking blogger-slash-economist… “Drink hard, study harder!”

To visit the RM Nisperos website, click here.

RM Nisperos uses his own personal FB page as a publicity vehicle in the social networks, you could visit it here.

All Photos from the Personal Blog site of RM Nisperos.

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