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Site Revival

*Updated February 2019

It has been more than half a decade since the launch of Educated Juan. Originally a repository of the author’s travels and reviews of anything under the sun, this site is now being revamped into a medium for opinion pieces.

It is strongly emphasized that this is NOT some fake/alternative news site or a forum for trolls. Although the web domain sounds similar to those being used in the current political circus the Philippines is undergoing right now, this site is neither pro nor anti government. Rather, all the contents are impartial with the end goal of truly educating the readers in mind.

The original purpose of this site was to promote education/knowledge as a crucial part in one’s life; and it still remains to be that, more so that gullibility and outright dumbness has seemingly overtaken the world today. It should be our life’s obligation to have an endless pursuit of knowledge to impart such to our fellowmen.

Let us all work together and help each other become “Educated Juans” and make a dent in this world.

All articles will be updated to reflect the changes since these were last published online.

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