Site Revival 2017

So it’s been more than 5 years since I launched Educated Juan. This site is now being revived after becoming dormant in 2013 due to a technical setback.

I would like to emphasize that this is NOT some fake/alternative news site or a forum for trolls. It just sounds like one, which is why I had apprehensions on using the old domain name, given the current political circus the Philippines is undergoing right now.

I gave in to the idea this is a brand, or has a potential to be. The original purpose of this site was to promote education/knowledge as a crucial part in one’s life; and it still remains to be that, more so that gullibility and outright dumbness has seemingly overtaken the world today.

You may check out my article regarding this website: Why Educated Juan?

For now, my self-concept on intellectualism has been utterly quashed since I entered law school. The constant pressure, failures, and hardships (coupled by my laziness to study) has sobered me up; there is still really a LOT for me to learn.

Nevertheless, my personal advocacy remains the same: our pursuit of knowledge and our obligation to impart such to our fellowmen. Hence, the potential for this site to be a brand.

Let’s all work together and help each other become Educated Juans and make a dent in this world.

I’ll be updating all articles (which were last published in 2012). So unless expressly noted as updated for 2017, most, if not all, of my articles are totally outdated.
I’ll also be reorganizing the site, focusing more on personal thoughts and legal ramblings rather than reviews of sites/people/books.

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