About Educated Juan

Educated Juan seeks to thresh out facts and truths on matters which may have an impact on our society.

In line with this, Educated Juan will, as far as completely possible, present all sides of the story or event (backed by verified evidence), with an analysis that is as impartial as possible, and a summarized version of the text. Non-verified claims or stories (rumors or allegations) will not be included unless needed for context and understanding (with disclosure against liability).

To clarify, Educated Juan does not and will not side with any entity. All matters herein will be presented in an impartial manner, based on evidence. Therefore t is possible that either side of the political or ideological spectrum may be affected.

This is NOT a fake news site. This is NOT a forum for trolls. This is NOT a political page. This is NOT a propaganda page.

This website is NOT managed by legal experts or by members of the legal profession or by members of the judiciary. All contents therein are based solely on the analysis of the people behind Educated Juan, with the perspective of as much impartiality as possible. Any perceived bias is not intended. Comments and/or suggestions for clarification and expounding of the contents therein are most welcome.