Site Revival 2017

So it's been more than 5 years since I launched Educated Juan. This site is now being revived after becoming dormant in 2013 due to a technical setback. I would like to emphasize that this is NOT some fake/alternative news site or a forum for trolls. It just sounds like one, which is why I had apprehensions... Continue Reading →

Inundation and the Follies of Man

In the direct path of the typhoon belt and constantly under the heavy monsoon clouds, the Philippines, the tropical country in the edge of the Pacific, is in a rather tight corner in terms of weather events. And within a span of five years, we have been experiencing extreme events such as long droughts, heat waves,... Continue Reading →

Withdrawal of House Bill 6330 for appeasement

NOTE: This is a 2012 article, currently being updated for 2017. In line with the revival of this site, the article will be updated to reflect the current political situation in the Philippines. (And besides, the House Bill has already been withdrawn way back). And I thought we were getting somewhere. When Kabataan Partylist Representative... Continue Reading →

Why Educated Juan?

Welcome to my site. So, let me explain the raison d'etre of this particular web domain. Juan dela Cruz is the generic name of Filipinos, transcending social classes and educational attainment. I consider myself a Juan since I am but a speck of the ninety-something million people in our archipelago. But being an ordinary citizen... Continue Reading →

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