About the Author


The author is an avid traveler, part-time writer, audiophile, bookworm, graphic designer, mountaineer, Industrial Engineer, aspiring law student, and a Lover of Life.

The author is a product of Atenean (primary + secondary) and U.P. (tertiary + postgraduate) education, therefore imbibed with an amalgamation of intellectual liberalism, Jesuit humility, and Filipino patriotism, with a sprinkling of witty sarcasm.

The author is simply your friendly neighborhood guy with a lot on his mind. And he prefers natural fruit juice over carbonated soft drinks.

All articles are of the author’s sole opinion, unless otherwise stated. That goes the same for pictures and other graphics. If you get offended, live and let live. Also, the author may be educated but not perfect… comments/suggestions are most welcome.

8 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Nice! And I definitely agree with the natural juice bit. You’ve always told me about that ^_-

    Write your mind and start posting brother! (“(-.-)”)

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